Hi There,


I'm Nicole and I've been a professional portrait photographer since 2014.


I grew up in Atlanta after having moved all over the country (and I lived abroad in Paris during college). Atlanta has always been home after any time away.


For several years now it has been my singular goal to use photography as a way to help women see themselves in a different way. I have been photographed no less than ten times in the last four years so I can empathize with what it is like to be on the other side of the camera. It makes you feel vulnerable. It can make you feel a bit intimidated.


Here's the thing... I could tell you that I will help you feel LESS vulnerable but that, quite frankly, is not my goal...because what I see when you feel vulnerable is courage, courage to be afraid and to do it anyway.


I want to capture that courage. If you look at the images in my portfolio, the women are powerful. They are formidable.


I believe each woman has a story to tell and I believe images can tell her story. Images can tell YOUR story.


Whether it is a motherhood or a boudoir photo shoot, your physical presence in front of a camera can show the world what is uniquely courageous about you.


With love,


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